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Everything suggests he is a typical 20-year-old, apart perhaps from the jagged scar on his brow.

"The main issue is that they have no money, either for their daily lives or to pay for a smuggler," explains Kenneth Hansen, the programme manager at Faros, an NGO that runs a shelter for unaccompanied minors close to the park. Most are in their 60s, but some can be as young as 30; others as old as 90. "Some are young men and some look like they might die the next day.""Usually the men see me in the park, they come closer to me then ask me, 'Where are you from? "I've learned a bit of Greek so I understand and we speak a bit.Then they sit down next to me and that's how it starts."Once a price has been agreed, they move somewhere more private - but that usually just means going behind a bush a few metres away.The clients Costas is 46 and has good job at a logistics company.Only his closest friends know about his visits to the park, he says. He lives an hour away but comes to visit a friend who lives near the park three times a week. Mahmoud says there are no pimps operating in the park and that it is only the asylum seekers' desperate situation that forces them into sex work.They go for coffee and, on his way home, Yiorgos walks through the park, looking for sex workers. But Hansen believes that not enough is being done to investigate whether anyone is behind it."Many [young refugees] are involved in sex for money," he says.

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Five euros is the going rate, he says, regardless of nationality. After five years of schooling, Mahmoud started working to support his family."I stayed for five years in Turkey working on a construction site, trying to earn some money and to organise my trip to Greece," he says.

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