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-i, --input Input file that is meant to be transcoded.

-o, --output Output file that will be read back by Media Tomb.

It seems to run fine, but none of my transcoding works. I have enabled the debug option of mediatomb, and while it certainly is verbose, I don't see anything there that looks like error output. It plays everything that does not require transcoding just fine.

I suggest you test it with another device to narrow the issue down.

It can also serve as a script to transcode various files in a format suitable for streaming directly.

Synopsis: mediatomb-transcode [TRANSCODE FUNCTION OPTION] [GENERIC OPTIONS] Generic Options: -h, --help Display this help message.

You could analyze the packets with Wireshark and compare them with the packets of a known working UPn P server.

The problem then is to get any differences implemented by Media Tomb, which if you haven't noticed is just about dead as a project.

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# Basic function that will transcode any input file into the target type # mpeg2 ffmpeg supports video_common() # Basic function that will transcode any input file into the PCM format audio_common() # Function to transcode matroska files to dvd compatible format transcode_matroska() # Function to transcode ogm files into mpeg2 for PS3 and add subtitles transcode_ogm() # Our "main" function below.

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