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Something with their audio source malfunctioned, with both channels running nothing but big, fat open carriers much of the afternoon, finally back with good audio 2108 recheck. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1500 MÉXICO XEDF, México DF. Spot set with peso pricings, male canned "XEDF A-M, México Distrito Federal, 50,000 vatios... (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1670 UNIDENTIFIED. Odd, unstable, rapidly warbling transmitter (sounding somewhat like the Cuban wobblers, only faster). Maybe still Vo IRI the one, someone in Arabic at 1546 spot check. Surprised to hear a presumed Mexican (rancheras) popping through the multiple Rebelde transmitters briefly, then faded on sunrise enhancement. While checking for Mexicans or the source of the 1210.05 het, shocked to hear the nine-note Rebelde sounders pop through, then male, "...titulares de Cuba..." headlines at 1200, parallel 1180, et. Much stronger Cuban atop, confirmed Radio Sancti Spíritus the next day. Clear but fade down to nearly useless level by tune-out. RR's every minute up to 15, when the chimes kicked in and went spastic, continuously chiming over male and female news readers until 15, then only once going forward just past the top of each minute. Cadena W." Into The Police "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." 3279.9 ECUADOR La Voz del Napo, Tena. Female in presumed Quechua, into Andean vocals with flutes. Again on June 11: “Diary” by Bread at 1020, segued into unidentified English female singer, segued into Spanish female vocal, signal lost 1030. Very unusual format, if a Mexican, and no slogan or format seems to fit in Fred Cantú's online list. Prompted to get a better DF on it after Gerry Bishop, David Crawford and Paul Zecchino from the other corners of the state also confirmed hearing it. It's been here forever, as there are entries are in my logbook from September and October, 2010 and October, 2011. And 4900 is heard loudly here at the home QTH in Clearwater upon returning in the evening. Male with Cuba news items, fill music 1200, “Aquí en Guamá” at 1202, then reverb kiddie chatter, ID. Bubbling up over probably 10 others – mostly Cuban stations and Miami – with male canned, “Esta es Radio Mayabeque…” 1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartegena, Bolívar. Male and female trading off on Colombia and other South American news items, several Caracol ID’s between items. 1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. Interesting to observe from up here in Clearwater, 1190 was unheard from the Middle Keys (daytime) and 1210 was very poor. Telco audio Cuban-accented male, mention of “Asociación Cubana” and a reference to Cienfuegos, then into familiar Cuban sports team names scores round-up report from the previous night games, beginning at 1132. WRTVH-2012 is again wrong, listing as “Radio Sinfonola” (sic – should have been “Radio Sinfonia”). 1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio Farda, Al-Dhabbiya. Farsi with female host, presumed Farsi techno-pop and Bollywood vocals. Female Radio Farda ID at 0130 into news items till 0133 then back to vocals. Hulk Hogan law suit (in my own back yard), into an ad break, including one for Stefatina’s Pizza (thought it was “STUFFatina’s” which seemed an appropriate name, but Googling captured it as Stefatina’s, and indeed in St. Tried calling WHEP, but just a recording to call during business hours message, and no working audio streaming for either located.1600 LOUISIANA KLEB, Golden Meadow. Briefly up with old Cajun artist Belton Richard with the song "Mother's Bouquet." Someone with Kenny G-like soft jazz, also briefly in the co-channel, with pests WKWF (sports) and WHTY Riviera Beach (Kreyol preaching) the usual dominants here.800 OKLAHOMA KQCV, Oklahoma City. Anyone else able to confirm which station is using this version of the anthem here?

(Zechhino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, Isla de la Juventud. Youthful, albeit squeaky female announcer between Spanish pop and rap vocals, finally an ID at 1100. 920 MÉXICO XELE Radio Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. Listed in Fred Cantú's online as "Indomable" (Untameable) slogan.1000 / 1080 CUBA Radio Guamá, presumed Palacios and Pinar del Río, respectively. Both transmitters off at 1200 check September 11, 2010. Suspect XEGN "La Gigante" from Piedras Negras, Veracruz, based on how strong so many Veracruz stations are here at this time, but it's going to be very tough to ID this one with the Rebelde mess. On October 31: mostly poor under the other Cuban at 1206-1300, sometimes peaking to fair, with sports, Rebelde ID's. Also listed in the moldy oldie PWBR 2009 in this hour. Clear and fair.1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. Nearly local level after WPHT, Philadelphia fading out on sunset, but also Radio Sancti Spiritus co-channel. For me, it seems to be around 210-degrees at local high noon, putting it maybe in Pinar del Río province. Rebelde also present and weak, but spot on 1210, so not them. Tune in with bassy male, “This is Radio Belarus” and news-ish items, all very hard to understand with crappy modulation and bassy audio. Recheck 2258, closing announcements, 23*.5952.42 BOLIVIA Radio Pío XI, Siglo Veinte. Female ID 2359, long discussion, ID 0017, nondescript Spanish vocals, another ID 0041, flutes and rustic music till 0054 and yet another ID. Paul supplies this page érgio Mendes & Brasil 66, another ID, into “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by Jerald Daemyon then the Braso Portuguese-sung “Desafinado” by Stan Getz/Gilberto Gil. Same chimes and ID at 0021, into Cuban semi-pop vocals. Good on my local sunrise enhancement, certainly way better than my log on October 21 mid-day from the middle-Keys (Long Key State Park). Meanwhile, 1200 was heard there, but not here tonight or last night. 1148 ending of song, announcer, back to Mexi-tunes, then seconds before 1157 into truncated version of the Himno Nacional followed by an unidentified state anthem sung by an opera-like voice female. The PRD-5 portable pointed roughly to Cienfuegos, with co-channel from unidentified but presumed WWWL, New Orleans, with nonstop ESPN Sports Radio. A second station, also in seemingly Farsi, under this one at times with vocals and briefly male talk. 1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. Big signal with the usual EZL instrumental knockoffs, female ID.

least as good as 6973 used to be before seemingly greatly reducing power. Presumably just after sign-on, with telcho- ish audio. Southern black gospel, male canned, “Here comes another hour of… Specific time-of-death mentions where apparently available were mentioned, including one recent death with a living in "Kiss-im-IN-ee, Florida" (it's Kissimmee, but we won't fault her: most non-native Floridians do far worse when coming to Florida and then think they can try to pronounce it on their little vacations). Other promos for tuning in to 1540/104.5 FM to specifically listening to a program, so I guess they are really in parallel, despite the WRTVH 2012 listing. No ID, but surely the one with the auroral conditions. Recheck at 0112 had KMOX dominating.530 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. Weak under Enciclopedia (the daytime house audio), the Cuban national anthem. Recheck 1622 with light instrumental music in progress, then man and woman again. Sound Hound app on the i Phone IDed one particularly nice track as “on Matsuwa (original cover...)” [youthful female album cover image], or is that the song title? Time sounders just before the beginning of very nice Andean vocals with flutes and harps, non-Spanish indigenous language male host briefly a couple of times between songs. Wow, it’s fun to finally have the opportunity to type ‘Hoobastank’ in a log.6925 USA (PIRATE) Radio Mushroom. No audible 6185 k Hz shortwave either days to parallel.104.1 MHz FLORIDA WZIG-LP, Palm Harbor. New LPFM, eclectic mix of songs such as this string sample: Nirvana "Come As You Are", The Beach Boys "Crocodile Rock" (from a 1991 Elton John tribute album), Material Issue/Liz Phair "The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)", Sheryl Crow "A Change Would Do You Good", CC Adcock "Y'all'd Think She'd Be Good 2 Me", Supertramp "Breakfast In America". Fair with WMOB, Mobile (also Christian gospel) nulled.1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. I noticed that Rebelde's online schedule shows Noticiero Nacional de Radio listed as "Noticiero Nacional Dominical" on Sundays 1300 local, but I don't ever recall hearing it branded that way. "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución" followed by two short, one long time sounders and female, time check then a plain old NNd R intro, throughout and at the conclusion at 1730. Played Maroon 5's "Maps" at 1036, and for some reason, subjected to again at 1048. Recheck December 23: carrier up just after 1930, after departing 9505, on/off a few times for Arabic domestic channel I guess programming scheduled 1930-2100.

This is the one re-discovered on September 8, daytime, at Paul Zecchino's Manasota Key monitoring station.1690 FLORIDA Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. Just running an annoying, big open carrier on all the sychro transmitters (Largo, Clearwater and presumably St. Audio was running fine yesterday.700 MÉXICO unidentified(s). Ranchera vocal, female Spanish announcer, into choral national anthem (different one than most stations play, smaller choral group, not as beautifully-executed) at late 1103 start time, talk (maybe news) after, but now mixing with another ranchera station, maybe another Mexican. Looks like a fun channel to sit on at sunrise, or maybe one to pull your hairs out because of.700 UNIDENTIFIED (Central American). While listening to the fading Mexican(s), an unfamiliar anthem (small band rendition) popped up at 1114, presume sign-on. Loud with Spanish Mc Donalds commercial (with English "Chicken Mc Nuggets" and "Happy Meals" not translated to Spanish); another for Applebee's; and something on "Highway 90" mentioned. Listed slogan is "Norteño 720." WRZN, Hernando, Florida slowly taking over the channel with bird-fed MOYL format oldies, canned ID's.1060 CUBA Radio Veinte Seis, Matanzas. Tune-in to nice, traditional Cuban oldie vocals, pubescent female announcer. No parallels audible.5954.22 / 5955 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles vs. Tune-in 2139 check on September 11, 2010 found the jammers grinding away on 5955, with the ELCOR transmitter barely audible on the usual 5954.22. Inquiring minds want to know.9965 PALAU Radio Australia relay via KHBN. Per a tip on the Tampa board of, confirmed this one is indeed active. Format is Adult former T40-ish hits (Eagles, Maria Carey, etc.). 15189.68 BRAZIL Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Tune-in just in time for nice, long canned ID by male with frequencies, jazzy Brazilian vocals. Back up at *0036 with carrier, audio up at 0037, abruptly off again at 0039* and back on at *0042, at which point I gave up due to their spastic behavior. 5954.18 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. Excellent signal with jammer(s) present but not a big problem at this hour here. On November 6: 1103 tune-in, female at 1105 with ID and Tropical Storm Tomas advisory. On November 6: 2058 Arabic vocals, Arabic female ID 2100, news by same lady, local music from 21. Tagalog male bible reader, mention of "2011" (English numbers), the typical low hum on the audio. 3365-Radio Milne Bay slightly weaker in Pidgin; ABC North Territory 2310-Alice Springs; 2325-Tennant Creek; and 2385-Katherine in very poorly.840 SOUTH CAROLINA WCEO, Columbia. Thought I had a Mexican, with rancheras, until an English spot for the South Carolina Education Authority (lottery) came up at 1152, then other spots in Spanish. Local level with interval signal, into Russian from 1130. Both channels good, with 5050 clear and 9820 with weak co-channel from someone.3480 / 4450 / 4557 NORTH KOREA KCBS. Wusan, P'yongyang and Haeju sites listed, respectively. 3480 clear and fair with best audio; 4450 strongest but weak audio; and 4557 mostly just a weak carrier.else? Listed as inactive in WRTVH-2010, as alternate (seasonal? Fair-poor, with data burst QRM.3280 / 5075 CHINA Voice of Pujiang, Sanghai. Indeed them, Chinese man and woman with bumper music, in parallel. English Service, the first decent log I've ever had from this. News by youthful-sounding female from 1200, mostly mid-east focused, till 1208. One may assume it is presently 0100, but one would also be wrong, viz. No trace of 4890, if on, with CODAR clanging away here. Fair-poor, traditional Chinese flute solos, male announcer. Gone by 1130 with mostly just Radio Progreso, Cuba remaining.680 NORTH CAROLINA WPTF, Raleigh. Male canned ID coming out of net news, into a Red Eye Radio network replay of a Friday show. Petersburg, FL mostly nulled.700 MEXICO XERV Yo FM, Villahermosa, Tabasco. Male ID, ballad, coral short version anthem from 1102, several slogan IDs. We're back to the prime 1100 window for XE ID/anthems again, after falling off for a few weeks of then more 810 MISSISSIPPI WCKA, Jackson. Seconds after my local 820 k Hz WWBA sunset power dropped, a male canned “WCKA, Jackson... Not the westernmost I-275 Tampa FDOT transmitter, which was co-channel with the usual useless looped male voice generic message, and weak WHTK, Portsmouth, VA.

Not the Honduran anthem, leaving El Salvador or Guatemala the best candidates. Canned ID by male at 1046: "Esta es Radio Viente Seis, desde Matanzas, Cuba" then, of all things, time sounders (four short, one long) at 1047, into news read by man. I wonder what would happen if, say a US clear channel MW was falsely reported as carrying República? Could be a fun game for all.6089.86 NIGERIA FRCN, Kaduna. Very good, albeit briefly, with exited male speaker in presumed Hausa, alternating with short (one or two lines) of Qur'an readings. On September 22: 2132 until jammers up at 21 and 21, and possibly a third at 21. XE anthem at 1100, and a second station with anthem at 1111, into rancheras. This one, "la Familia" slogan Spanish Contemporary Christian format (with references to the John Young Expressway) coming in well, with occasional WUFT-FM, Gainesville trade-off (NPR). First jammer up 21, then seemingly others at :17, :23, :26, :31, :34. No trace of it upon exiting I-75 on University Parkway, westbound, however within a couple of miles it began to pop through "K-Rock" (WRXK-FM, Bonita Springs). Presumed WYFR 15190 QRM, but not a big problem when in LSB, as most pieces of WYFR were skipping over due to close proximity. Very good and no sign of 4845.810 MEXICO unidentified. Presumed sign-on with vocal anthem, being the odd time, but bubbled under before any ID. Voice of Russia Kremlin Bells accidentally slipped through at 1200, upon end of WYFR program, then transmitter off. "AM 8-40" (in Spanish) after the break, back to rancheras. 3280 very good, 5075 too but via LSB to avoid data burst utility. Then into "Lesson From the Prophets" program with male discussing Haj pilgrimage process for those coming from Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, "... They are welcome Moslems..." opening and closing of segment with birds and running water sound effects. June 17, 2012: no trace of anything on 5955 (including Cuba jammers) at 2100 or 2200. Lucie Jewelry & Coins and other local ads, ESPN Radio promo, “ESPN 1590, WPSL, The Talk of the Treasure Coast” and back into net feed feature on a Moroccan training for the Olympics. Still there at 1103 re-check, but weak and fading fast. 94.3...” and something talk radio programming after. First noted March, 2014 and again in November, though it may be there more often than my previous two observations where it was also present throughout the daytime.

5954.16 COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. Thanks Gerry Bishop phone tip after seeing Brian Alexander's report, this one has reactivated and at a new time. Faded up for a moment over KOA with male, “AM 850 WKGE… On November 28: 1138 soft vocals and some rock vocals in Spanish – not the typical ranchera fare for a Mexican –female announcer, vocal anthem at 1157 but again wiped out by WWBA power increase. Chinese man and woman, four equal-length and rather Quaalude induced time sounders (not the standard Chi Com tones) and abruptly off. WRTVH-2010 doesn’t show them up until 1200, but that’s the only source I referenced.1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. Elton John’s “Step Into Christmas” followed by male canned, “One classic hit after another, 1700 KVNS.” Then Chicago “Saturday In the Park” at tune-out. Live audio patch or two 5-minute loops can be recorded. Zecchino that the Progreso outlet here just flipped to Surco (I had Surco as late as the morning of November 28). This station is low power FM only (90.7 MHz) in Ciego de Ávila province. Weak but clearly present with second pulses, shorter one top of each minute. Accented English female briefly at 1536, back to subcontinental vocals. English, clear but weak, time sounders into the annual long-running Big Ben chimes ringing in 2011, then into news. 1700 (LPR) GEORGIA "WTYB Tybee Island Community Radio", Georgia; a Part 15-compliant station that will soon be de-listed from active/presumed active (bolded frequency) status. Thanks to Mike Cooper, who checked 1700 a couple of times day and evening while holidaying on Tybee Island last week. Surprised to hear this one with RAE Spanish programming, northern campesino vocals (as opposed to the more-common tangos), ID's. WRTVH-2010 (since the Euro distributor doesn't want to supply the 2011 in a timely manner) lists 6060 as closing at 2300, with 15345 continuing till 2400. Then tuning up, the same show, very slightly out-of-synch audio. The unstable signal was lost 1t 1058 when WCKY's antenna switch and audio gain clobbered this. 450 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PPA (aero beacon), Puerto Plata. Programming ending just before 1300, carrier off 13. But from extensive monitoring, it is also likely any of the western Cuba (other) stations on 1140. For fun, I Googled "Mini-pigs North Port" and shit if there aren't hits.1630 IOWA KCJJ, Iowa City. Messing with the Sangean PR-D5: O'Reilly Auto Parts spot, a convenient male canned "KCJJ, Iowa City" at 1130, into morning show bantering by two guys. This transmitter continues to be in malfunction mode after months. Alternately spelled Buena Ventura Lakes by some sources, though the consensus is Buenaventura Lakes. "Escuché Contacto" by same female at 1214 into Spanish cover of "I Know I'll Never Love That Way Again" and "Contacto 11-90" slogans. First time logged, as normally XETOT ABC Radio, Tampico is the dominant one. And a bit squeezed by power up from local 1110 at 1215.1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde FM, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana. "Rebelde F-M" ID and into Noticiero Nacional de Radio patch from 1800. here on 730 A-M, WSTT…” into Southern Gospel vocal. Oldies by Gladys Knight, Air Supply, Glen Campbell, Elton John etc. a JVC Broadcasting station." So what for many years was the "Sugar 900" Urban/gospel community station is now simulcasting 960 WSVU, North Palm Beach, which has translators W240CI (95.9) in North Palm Beach and W295BJ (106.9) in Jupiter. This is listed as a D3, 1000 watts with 30 watts psa, so what gives? Read more at:101.1 MHz FLORIDA unidentified LPFM or translator. New Beginning Radio with Old Testament preaching, parallel WKOT-LP on 102.1 but some signal breakup. WXYB may get out well at night if they continue to cheat. Spanish ballad, male and female news headlines (Honduras, Mexico items), Mexican anthem at the odd time of 1124. Checking for the 1649.76 mystery carrier local daytime, another presumed HAR malfunctioning with staccato maybe 500 Hz or so single digi-beeps, about every 3-8 seconds apart, but right on channel and about equal level with the westernmost I-275 Tampa HAR (with the usual short generic male loop). Their web actually brands as International Serbia Radio on the top of the page. I forgot they still existed.9750 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait, Kabh (Sulaibiyah). Arabic female with story read script over tinkling piano solo, into traditional Arabic vocal from 1254. Parallel excellent 21540.15150 GERMANY Adventist World Radio, Nauen. Thanks David Potter for his 1600 k Hz observations.1310 VIRGINIA WGH, Newport News. Fade up with female canned, "Back to more contemporary favorites on Star 13-10" into soul-gospel flavored vocal, lost to dominant Radio Enciclopedia co-channel.1420 FLORIDA WAOC, St. Good with WBRD, Bradenton mostly nulled.890 TEXAS KVOZ, Del Mar Hills. ) from 1205, male coming out of anthem, Mexi-tune, female 1216 but no ID culled before fading out post-sunrise.1130 GEORGIA WLBA, Gainesville. Spanish commercials, "La Mejor" slogan, Tejano song. First log of it here, if my records are actually accurate.1190 TEXAS KFXR, Dallas. Commercial break at tune-in, into the Matt Patrick Show with the entire "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker Band mixed underneath his rants, today live from Shaw's Jewelry, Houston (so this is an at least Texas syndicated show, KTRH, Houston appears to be the flagship).

Good with the same music loop consisting of some English, Spanish (Shakira) and live Spanish tracks. Her sweet little signal is great, until WYFR pops up at *2200, then some splatter but still decent copy, oddly best on the ICOM R75 with internal room random wire vs. And it is the R75 that we measured her sign-on at (5954.238), but by measurement re-check at 2249, she wished to drift down to 5954.184. Her format is still the same music loop, or so it seems. Toyota dealership spot, several “KOA dot com” plugs, “This is Colorado’s morning show, 850 KOA…” Clear, squeezed a bit from local 860 WGUL. This one will allude me unless the anthem starts a little earlier, it appears. See: for more information.890 CUBA Radio Surco / Radio Chambas (FM relay), unknown site, Ciego de Ávila. Indeed, per the site under Ciego de Ávila, Chambas is listed as being rebroadcast via Radio Surco for 5.5 hours per day (no times listed). Opening with English General Overseas Service, ID and news. Mixing about equal with Woofferton, making reception of either pretty much junk. Sad that this is the only BBCWS English channel I could find progagating at this hour. Sports talk, then male, "You're listening to ESPN... 87.5 MHz (LPR) GEORGIA "Freedom Path Radio", Savannah. But not, as 6060 remained on through tune-out, presumably on till 2400 also. On January 9, also in parallel 1224 with spots for a local BBQ joint and a store on US-41 in Bonita Springs. 1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. Surprised to hear this one (if my records are correct, last noted in 2008) at fair level with piano tunes, parallel strong flagship 530. Very poor with "RR"'s (as opposed to the often Sunday-only chimes). First noted something unidentified and weak here closer to 1300 a few days ago, but nothing I could find listed that made sense. Those of which spastically alternatate networks, to complicate matters. Two guys bantering about someone who sells "mini-pigs" in North Port (nearby town) and schedule change for local high school football games, then mention of "WKII-AM" which upon looking up is also a Clear Channel Solana (Ft. WRDW, Augusta, GA (the way dominant here) faded up big by 1131. The Clearwater in-synch transmitter remains active, on-channel, and weakly audible here, but a carrier on the low side, roughly here, remains. Good signal and mostly alone on the channel with nice Southern blues gospel, male live ID at 13. Austalian pop vocal, female ID, magazine-type format show with various light topics. I've probably noted it before such as logs of Rebelde FM on 96.7 MHz from the Florida Keys, but if so I forget, anyway Rebelde FM also patches NNd R, not that anyone much beyond Florida is likely to hear this over-the-air at local 1 pm ET. Finally at 0102, "This is the place where South Florida comes to... I've not heard WSWN in the evenings and have to wonder if they aren't powering down the daytime wattage. The next day, from 1001, with male hosting Bollywood vocals, alternating between presumed Hindi and broken English, mentioning, "... Presumably not W266AI Spring Hill which simulcasts News/Talk WWJB, Brooksville, Nothing listed on the New Beginning Radio site at 101.1 in Florida, and the next closest in the FCC d B are allegedly not on the air yet as in CP applications for LPFM's in Citrus Park and Lutz, Hispanic Arts of Tampa and Iglesia de Cristo Corp. This one is always nearly local level daytime in Key West. Right on frequency, so did they fix the forever off-frequency (939.88) or do they have a second transmitter that works correctly? Mention seemingly of "La Tremenda Jota" or similar, but no such slogan I find here. But not really live, he closed with "Have a good weekend" on this Monday, so a holiday excuse to repeat. Parallel Tune In live stream which was at least 20 seconds behind. Classic Country with Carl Smith "Let Mother Nature Have Her Way" segued to Loretta Lynn "Don't Come Here a Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)" etc.

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