Dating violence risk factors

School connectedness occurs when youth trust that educators and adults care about their well-being.Involvement in school activities can provide an opportunity for positive peer relationships.Dating violence is a significant and often hidden public health problem.This type of intimate partner violence includes physical abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, stalking and controlling behavior.The Centers for Disease Control reports that in their 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, nearly 10 percent of high school students experienced dating violence in the year preceding the study.More than one-fifth of college undergraduates experience such violence, according to the results of a Clute Institute study published in 2013.Researcher David Warner, Associate Professor of Sociology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that these relationships could be a feasible coping mechanism since dating is more normative in adolescence.Warner explained that for victimized teens, relationships may provide “a source of social support, a resource for instilling and improving self-esteem…

If he walks two miles a day, that's a protective factor against that same heart attack.Families play an important role by providing close relationships and a supportive environment.In a study published in the "Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology" in 2003, researchers reported that parental supervision is a protective factor against dating violence.While much of the research on this topic focuses on young women, dating violence can happen to anyone at any age.Protective factors are attributes or resources that help decrease the risk for negative interactions with others and society.

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